Monday, April 4, 2011

White Tornado

Our one gorgeous, spring day came and went ... yesterday. So much for plans to work in the yard again. Well, that left one thing (well not really but ... ). I needed to clean house. Now, for all of you young wives and mothers who believe that once the kids leave home your houses will always be clean ... think again. This is especially true if you have pets and, presumably, a husband. I don't know how it happens (I do know that my eyesight lets me live in denial a little longer) but, this house will suddenly seem like the filthiest sty. I get that feeling and I have to go into overdrive with the cleaning. My family has always jokingly referred to this as mom becoming the 'White Tornado' ala those old Mr. Clean commercials. I guess it fits well enough. The thing is ... this house is just so big anymore and I get tired more easily. Not that I have a foot in the grave but, lets face it, I don't have the energy I had 25 years ago when we bought this place. Oh, I guess I could hire help but, I'm sort of anal about cleaning. I don't know who would get it exactly the way I like it. So, I guess I will just continue on with the periodic cleaning frenzies until the sun comes back and I can get outside. Of course, some day we will sell this behemoth before I truly do run out of steam. Any takers?

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