Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hard Stuff

There are a million cliches out there on coping, pain, etc.  "What doesn't kill you makes you strong," etc., etc., etc.   Whatever!  There are days that just falling over and dying would be preferable.

In case you couldn't guess, I'm feeling down, bummed out, ticked off, and just plain overwhelmed.  Lately, it seems like every time I turn around that either myself or someone I love gets sucker-punched by life.  If it isn't the economy, its the relationship fallout from said economic problems or just plain nasty health issues.  Every story seems worse than the next and there are just no easy answers.

The worst for me is that my own daughter is going through some health issues.  In my brain I keep thinking that we will find answers and that it will all work out fine ... eventually.  But my heart is screaming ... why, why her?  She doesn't deserve this (like anybody ever really does but, still).  And, I don't have any answers ... and, I can't fix it ... and, I can't sleep .... and, I can't stop worrying.  I just want my child to be happy.  Is that too much to ask?

In fact, is it too much to ask for the 'powers that be' in this country and the world to stop being political and start really doing something to turn things around so that people can get on with their live?  Is it too much to ask that doctors have the compassion to realize that what may not seem like a big deal is actually some family's life on hold because they can't make an appointment for six weeks?  Is it too much to ask that people care about their fellow citizens and stop inflicting all of the needless little hurts to try and deal with their own pain?  Apparently it must be.  Apparently at the end of the day we have forgotten what humanity is all about ... well, except for pinning all of those cliches on Pinterest and Facebook.

I do know this, one really finds out who their friends are when life is going badly.  They show up for you and I'm lucky in that respect.  That is a huge blessing in my life.  I really appreciate those people and try to give back as good as I get.  And that brings me to one final Pinterest cliche ... but a good one

Be kind, for everyone is fighting their own battle.