Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It'll Only Hurt for a Sec.

Well, its been yearly checkup time for me.  We all have to do these things to guard our health so that we can be around for our loved ones.  We certainly don't have to like doing them, do we?  I wonder if there is a woman alive who likes her yearly gynecological check and/or mammogram?  Doubtful.  I mean seriously, if a man had to have his delicates smashed flat to take an x-ray, there would have been a better way by now.  I was told that there is a new machine currently awaiting FDA approval that would do away with that necessity.  Based on the FDA's past performance, I'm pretty sure I'll be dust by the time it is approved.

Then, there was the phlebotomist who made a little 'oopsy' and left a huge bruise on my arm.  Its a good thing its been chilly enough for long sleeves (little blessings) because my arm looks like I shoot up regularly.  'Oops' ... really?  Don't even get me started on freezing cold exam rooms.

So, check and check ... a couple of those yearly duties are out of the way.  But, I still have to do eyes and teeth.  Less uncomfortable but definitely more sticker shock.  I did not know that what they meant by 'golden years' was how much gold one would part with to stay healthy.  Its a whole other meaning to 'high maintenance' ... but, at least I hope I'm setting a good example for my own daughter by taking care of myself.  And, so far ... no news is good news.

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