Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Confessions

Okay, here I go again. I'm going to try and link up to Mammarazzi's Friday Confessions. I have even tried to 'grab a button' (which I don't know what that means or really how to do it), but ...

I confess:
  • It irritates me to feel so stupid/old when it comes to this stuff.
  • My kids seem to have been born knowing how to 'compute'.
  • It really doesn't keep me up nights.
I confess:

  • I wake up some days without a plan (GASP).
  • I know, we mothers always have a plan.
  • But, my kids are grown and I don't always have one.
  • Sometimes I goof off all day long and I like it.
I confess:

  • I am really not a patient person.
  • I want things done yesterday.
  • I don't like waiting.
  • And, I really don't like incompetence (thus the irritation with self on computers).
  • Finally, if you hate your job so much that you can't be polite with the public, I can pretty much guarantee that someone else would like to have that job.
So, there it is and I hope this works out. I want to give a big old shout out to Mammarazzi who really does try to help this feeble woman. Thank you!


VandyJ said...

I'm waiting for the day I can goof off again without kids around. Love my kids but there are days...

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I agree with your last bullet point!

I am visiting from Mamarazzi's blog.

~Ricki Jill

Mamarazzi said...

I tried emailing you back when you had a couple questions but your email was bounced back so here are the answers to your questions:

You can get the Friday Confessional url to link by clicking your Friday Confessional post title and grab the new url from the address bar. Easy peasy.

That looks like this:

We want this one:

to add a button to your post your just need to change from "compose" mode to "html" mode when writing a post.

you copy the html code from the little box under the button and paste it wherever you would like it in your post. when you change back to compose mode it should be there.

hope this helps.

honestly it isn't as hard as you are making it..just believe you can do it!! (: