Friday, April 22, 2011


Something occurred to me today.  I've been blogging now since 2009.  Initially, I began blogging to record my thoughts as I went through life's changes.  Lately, I've been more engrossed in other peoples' blogs ... mainly those having to do with decorating.  I just love that stuff and enjoy those blogs so much.  But .... here's what I also noticed (after going back and reading my early posts).  I haven't written a post that really dealt with my journey in any meaningful way.  Not that the things I have blogged about aren't pertinent to my life.

Some things have happened in the past few months that were HUGE and I sort of failed to mention them.  For instance, my very favorite daughter got married in January.  The wedding was spectacular and I didn't blog about it.  I'm not going to do that now but, I will ... I promise.  My favorite aunt passed away at the age of 86 and that entailed taking a trip with my mother so that she could say goodbye to her sister.  I didn't blog about that trip ... nor have I ever blogged about my amazing mom.  I will.  And, another big day is coming up in a few months.  My son is getting married in July.  I will post about that too.  Because, you see, as I went back and read my early blogs, I realized that the things I put down here are for my kids.  I want them to have something of how I am, how I think and feel and how much I love them when I am no longer around to tell them.  NOT that I am going anywhere soon but, you just have to put these things down when you are experiencing and feeling them.

So, although I love all of the neat, new bloggy stuff out there in blog world, I also need to stay true to my original intent.  I want to record my journey through life after being a mom.  I hope that other women who may read this will realize that its okay to feel adrift, to wonder how to proceed in the next phase and that they are not alone in any feelings they may have regarding those changes.

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