Monday, April 25, 2011


I said I was going to get around to blogging about some important events that have happened in my life in the past few months and so I decided to start.  If I were doing this chronologically, I would start with my daughter's wedding but, I'm sorry to say that I don't have her wedding pictures yet ... and I really, really want to post a couple.  So instead, I'm starting with a little bit about my mom and the trip we made this winter.

Literally days after my daughter's January wedding, my mom received a call that her older sister was failing rapidly.  Now, my mom (Betty) and her older sis (Mona) were close.  I mean .... best friends.  And, what's more, my Aunt Mona actually was somewhat of a mother figure to my mother as their own mother suffered some issues after the death of a baby brother when Mom was two.  So, when Mom got that call, I knew that she really wanted to try to get there and see her sister but, she simply can't do these things on her own anymore.  She's 82 years young but, still .....

So, we hurriedly packed our bags and got tickets (very expensive tickets I might add) and flew to the opposite coast.  These sisters have lived about as far apart as it is possible to get and still be in the country, which is sad in and of itself.  We got to Virginia and my aunt had been moved to a nursing home.  We knew this was not going to take long but Aunt Mona was surprisingly lucid so the two women were able to talk, reminisce and eventually say their goodbyes.  Now, my Aunt Mona was a career woman and brilliant.  She was well read and humorous and she had us laughing even as she lay on her death bed.  The real hurdle was getting Mom to let her go.  She really didn't want to be without her.  Finally, on the last day she was able to tell her that it was alright to go.  My Aunt passed in the night and Mom was relieved.  She had accepted that she did not want to see her sister suffer any more.  I had the privilege to be able to sit and listen to these women, who had shared their entire lives, come to the end of their time together by recalling their past and laughing about their experiences ... and finally saying their goodbyes.  

My mom kept thanking me for making it possible for this to happen.  No ... thank you Mom .... for everything you've ever done for me, which is a huge.  Thank you for letting me witness something so personal to you because I know you are a private person and this was rough for you.  Thank you for being the best sister, mom, grandmother and friend.  You show us by example every day what it means to be selfless.  I love you and I loved your sister, my aunt .... I hope I can be just like you.  I also hope that your granddaughters will realize what a strong woman they descend from.

Here I am with my favorite women ... my mom and my daughter.  I wish I had a picture on my computer of my Aunt Mona but, alas, I don't.  Let it suffice to say that the sisters were like clones so just picture the other one with straight white hair and shorter ... yes shorter.  

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