Monday, September 11, 2017


It is September 11,  2017.  I'm fairly certain that any adult in the country knows the significance of that date.  We will never forget.  What is the legacy of that date?  Well, I'm not really sure.

We exist in a country that has seemingly turned in on itself rather than standing united.  Its sad really but,  I blame politics in general and our current President specifically for the 'divide and conquer' mentality that is prevailing at the moment.

So, this September we are looking at major devastation in our country as a result of hurricanes Harvey, in Texas, and Irma through the islands and into Florida.  Adding to that, major fires are burning in Montana, California and here in Oregon.  I do not believe that our government can handle all of these in their entireties.  We, as a nation, have got to come together and help each other help ourselves.  The current government has done very little to build any kind of confidence that these things are in good hands.  However, people at state and local levels have shown otherwise.  People are showing up and helping.  As Mr. Rogers used to say, 'Look for the helpers.'  One doesn't need to look far to find them.  They are showing up to fight fire, to help people to safety after the hurricanes and to volunteer to clean up and/or donate to the cause.  This is who we really are in America.  We are not our government and we are certainly not represented by this President.  We are a people, by and large, who help each other stand up after a fall.  This was proven on September 11, 2001 and it is still true today.

I used to love September.  It was back to school time, the air got crisper and Fall was around the corner.  Lately, September has been cruel ... particularly this year.  I hope we don't see another one like this one in a very long time.  I also hope that all of this will help us pull together and see the things that really matter and really unite us in this country.  I, for one, would like to approach Thanksgiving and Christmas with far less political vitriol and far more brotherhood this year.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blogging Pains


I woke up this morning with a thought to composing a blog post on one topic but, due to the inability to initially access my blog and the ensuing cluster of finally making that happen, the original thought went out the window.

I was really frustrated with the inability to access my blog and as I sought to navigate the 'HELP' section, I found that I was not the only one.  Here's a thought ... I would think that since most bloggers are writers and not tech people, that it would be more helpful not to talk about myriad issues of caches, cookies, etc. and just simply realize that people are running up against your new blogger page who have existing blogs.  Figure out how to let them access their own material without jumping through mind numbing hoops.  Since I don't write my blog for money nor do I have tons of followers, this is simply an exercise in venting.  But seriously, why does EVERY.SINGLE.LITTLE.THING have to become so infuriating when dealing with technology?

And don't even get me started on the topic of it taking two weeks to get cable only to have my t.v. fritz out a week later.  AAAARRRRGGGGG!