Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It is winter.  It is the 'holiday season' ... more specifically ... it is the week of Christmas.  Most of the blogs that I follow are all about Christmas decorations, family pictures and family feasts.  There are beautiful and joyful posts galore.  It is a veritable feast of eye candy and joy.  And then ... there is the slightest undercurrent of those brave enough to admit that this season is hard on many people.  We are in the midst of an economy that won't allow a lot of folks to have those glorious, picture-perfect holidays.  There are people who are experiencing loss ... loss of loved ones, loss of marriages, loss of jobs and homes.  It is hard ... it is bleak ... and it is reality.  So, here is my wish for Christmas ...

I hope that those of us more fortunate can realize our bounty and come from a place of gratitude.  I wish that we could learn to pull together in this country and the world before we tear it completely apart.  I would want people to practice kindness ... random or intentional.  I hope that those who are struggling find peace during this season and that the miseries people are experiencing will resolve.  Mostly, I hope for peace ... not just in the world but in our souls.  So, I will not stop at just saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays ... I would like to say "May you find peace in your heart this season."


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Decorating


Well, I finally managed to find a little time to blog about my Christmas decor this year.  It has been an interesting transition.  I have been one of those 'decorate every inch of the home' type for years.  Until now.  Things are decidedly different this year.  Both of my children got married this year so, I boxed up their personal Christmas ornaments and gave them to each of them.  It is time for them to make their own traditions (incorporating a little of their childhood traditions into new ones).

I used to put up two full-size trees.  I don't anymore.  I just don't have the energy.  And, with just the two of us around most of the time, it hardly seems worth it.  Still, I have enough ornaments on hand that I could do it.  Instead, I decided I can change color themes from year to year.  This year, the theme is white and gold.  I have entire bins of reds and corals and even sage green.

As you can see, I like birds ... a lot.  They always have a way of finding their way into my decor.  And, at Christmas time, the other winged beings ... angels ... are also included.  Here is a picture of a little, vintage snow angel that I have had around for years.  Isn't she lovely?  Notice she is holding a bird in a nest ... win-win.

I do a vintage display with a feather tree, and a vignette of all things glittery or mirror glass.  I love bottle brush trees, and you can see that snow angels are a recurring theme.

This little reindeer is so vintage looking ...

I found this wreath at a local craft sale and since she matched the smaller snow angel I already had, she had to come home with me.

And that is the gist of my Christmas decor.  Even though I have cut down, it wouldn't be obvious to most people coming into my home ... which goes to show that I've got a history of decorating madness.  I also reserve the right to go completely insane when I have grandchildren.  I will make this place magical for them ... just like I did for my own children.

So, Merry Christmas to all of my bloggy friends and may you find joy in all of the preparations you do for your families.