Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Salon Day

Hello everyone, I'd like you to meet Max. Max is our 27 pound (yes, you read that correctly) grandcat. We are raising him after his mom and dad (our kids) discovered they were allergic to cats. We also have his little sister, LaLa. How conveeeeenient! Anyhoo, they're here and along with them comes the assorted good times of cat care and grooming. As you can see, Max is furry, to put it mildly. He sheds everywhere ... ugh. And, because he is so huge, he actually has a little trouble grooming himself. Max tumbling over as he tries to groom his back is hilariously pathetic. Oh, and lest you think that we overfeed him .... nooooo. He is on carefully measured out diet cat food. Still, he stays large. So, this is the mess he looks like if left to his own devices:

We finally decided that it would just be easier to take him to a groomer a couple of times a year. The groomer couldn't really do a thing with his hair as it was so matted (and yes, I do try to brush him but, he hates it). Max ended up getting a 'lion cut' which, sort of fits his 'larger-than-life' persona. He hated the process and was quite traumatized but, I really think he feels better now ... despite some initial indignation. So, here is the new and improved Max:

Pretty darned funny, isn't it?


Stephanie said...

A lion cut is an apt description - poor Max!

Whitney said...

I love this!! He is so exposed, and he knows it:-) Hahahah