Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogging Side Effects

I started blogging mainly as a form of journaling. I like to write and doing so helps me organize my thoughts. Then, my lovely daughter introduced me to the world of DIY bloggers. People, that is like taking a sugar addict into a candy store. I simply cannot get enough of these 'blogger girls' and their fabulous blogs. (I suppose there are 'blogger dudes' too but, I like decorating type blogs.) Well, if enough time is spent looking at the many wonderful ideas being published, its bound to rub off and so, this is what happened:

And this:

And this:

Well, you get the picture. So, all of my blog perusal has had the effect on my home that home decor magazines used to have and, I have saved the price of the mags. That is a great thing considering the price of magazines. Plus, the writers of these blogs feel like newfound friends because they are so open to sharing all of the good things in their lives. (Is that lame and pathetic sounding?) Its a win-win. The only downside .... I may spend a little too much time on the computer but, everything has its price. Right?

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Stephanie said...

Oh dear, this is serious. You even broke out the labeler.