Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Interrupt This Blog ....

Well, a moment in history occurred today that seems at first glance to be a joyous occasion.  Osama Bin Laden was killed today and the general mood of U.S. citizens seems to be glee ... and relief.  After all, this man orchestrated mass murder.  Thousands of innocent people died because of this man's hatred turned to pure evil.  I do feel relief ... I think that his death sends a clear message to terrorists that this country will never rest when it comes to avenging the death of our innocent citizens.  And then, I have all of these other feelings.

I remember that it was my daughter's very first week of high school when the terrible events of 9/11 occurred.  Her experience (along with that of every other child in the country) was forever changed.  Our world became a lot less innocent.  We have had to inconvenience ourselves in countless ways for the hatred of a relatively small group of people.  The world is a whole lot scarier because of Bin Laden and the horrific devastation he instigated.  I am pretty angry about that.  I think most Americans are and so they react to his death with something between joy and pride and relief.

What goes so terribly wrong in an individual's life that he will go down a path of wreaking havoc in the world?  Who are the people who are so weak-willed that they will follow such a man.  Those are questions that would take volumes to dissect and answer ... if anyone truly could.   But, here is the thing that keeps creeping into my mind .... How would it feel to be someone so despised that millions of people felt joy at your death?  I mean, I know he's feeling nothing now but, he must have known he was a dead man walking.  He's lived in hiding for years.  It is just beyond comprehension.

So, although it goes against everything I have ever been taught or intuitively felt to celebrate a death, I do feel glad that he is dead.  I'm glad that he cannot be the figurehead for a poisoness organization.  I'm glad that he cannot personally spread his brand of hatred.  I'm glad that the families of those killed on 9/11 can feel a tiny bit of closure.  His death is the justice he deserved and so, yes, I'm glad that he is dead.

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