Friday, May 20, 2011


Its been a frustrating spring in a lot of the country and we here in the Pacific Northwest are no exception.  I'm used to having some open weather in the winter and reasonably nice spring weather in which to clean up and get my garden going.  No such luck this year.  But still, there are some lovely things going on in my garden, if you don't trip over the weeds.  So, come along for a quick little tour.

This is the view from our back yard into our lower pasture .... hello fellas.  They are enjoying the Oregon  green just like the rest of us.

Don't you just love Exebury azaleas?  This little area is a bird hangout complete with a feeder and a bird bath (which you can't see).

I lovingly refer to her as 'Our Lady of the Septic Tank' because living out in the country, we have one, and its important to know where the lid/access is in case there is ever a problem.  And, believe me, you can't live in the same house for over 20 years without occasionally having said problem.

These are dwarf iris .... sooooo, cute!  They are almost done and the standard irises are coming on (albeit late this year).  This next one is a Beverly Sills and when it blooms it is the most exquisite apricot color.  I have masses of them so that at one point I had to throw them away as I could not get any takers.

Then, there are the other pretty flowers that either spread in masses like my Lilies of the Valley or lavender.  I love the French and Spanish lavenders with their little helicopter wings on top.

And, this is a picture of a Japanese Maple I put into a shady area about two years ago.  It is called 'Cinnamon Bark' and so I ran with that and planted heuchera in varieties that picked up that warm tone.  When this shade garden really gets going, there is some lovely complimentary astilbe and ferns in the mix.

And finally, here is a close up of the montana clematis growing on my arbor.  It is so beautiful and massive that its worth the pain of having to regularly cut it back to keep it from bringing down the entire structure.

Thank you for coming along on my little tour.  I'll try to keep posting the various stages of my garden.  My roses are in bud but have not bloomed.  Same for the peonies.  And, the weeds are as high as an elephant's eye so I won't be doing any sweeping photos until that mess is cleaned up.



Stephanie said...

I chortled at "Our Lady of the Septic Tank!" Nice photos - very pastoral of the cattle.

Those hostas we dug last year are thriving - I should post a photo while the Rhodies are blooming.

Amanda's Mom said...

Yes, do post more pics Stephanie.

vignette design said...

Our Lady of the Septic is a riot. We have a septic tank in our country house. Now I know what to put on it so I'll know where it is! Maybe a St. Francis? Your view is fabulous. Looks like the Marcola Valley...
Again, thanks for your nice comment on my blog about Steve. xo Delores

Helene said...

I always wondered what a Japanese maple tree looked like!

You have such beautiful flowers in your garden!!!