Monday, August 3, 2015


So, let me begin by saying, excuse the title.  I am using that term in this post very deliberately and here is why.  It seems we have turned into a nation rife with 'a**holes' and I am not kidding.  I want to add that we all have been guilty of 'a**hole' moments.  You know what I mean.  The time you didn't exactly handle your road rage.  The time that you made a snide remark when turning the other cheek would have been the bigger thing to do.  But seriously, there is an even bigger type of 'a**hole' that seems to be growing in this country.  The type of individual who is an embarrassment to humanity in general and America in particular.  These are the extreme ugly Americans, such as the dentist who decided that it was an honorable thing to shoot a majestic lion.

There is no shortage of ugly Americans and I am referring to them as 'a**holes' deliberately because it is the most blunt form of describing what they are.  These are people who have absolutely no regard for anyone but themselves.  They are narcissistic and it is always about them.  They do not care who they insult, make fun of (such as lovely cyber trolls) or who they hurt in their ever growing need to please only themselves.  These people will cut you off in traffic, elbow you out of the way in a crowd and, although I am using a 'naughty' word to describe them, they will throw out all kinds of swear words in public and in front of other peoples' (not to mention their own) children.

Where do these people come from and how do they become so crass and clueless?  Well, one may be wrong in assuming but, my guess is that they were raised by ... you guessed it .... 'a**holes.'  So, when someone shames these people on social media, I do not feel particularly sorry for them, if at all.  If you are going to go out and act shamelessly, do not be surprised if you are shamed for it, not that it will probably do any good.  In fact, lets bring back the stocks.  I'm just kidding but, we are creating a nation of 'a**holes' by letting these individuals get away with antisocial and uncivil behavior and it is about time we got a new program in this country.

We need to start teaching our children that they are not the center of the universe, that you do not get self esteem because someone tells you that you are wonderful but by doing good things.  We need to set a better example for the children ... that it is not alright to be inconsiderate and unkind.  I hear a lot of blather from a variety of people demanding respect.  I'll tell you what ... earn it by acting like a decent human being and by not being an embarrassment to your countrymen.  Actions will always speak louder than words.  Act like an 'a**hole' and you are an 'a**hole.'

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