Monday, September 14, 2015

My Heart is Overflowing

My daughter and her husband are adopting!  I'm so filled with joy right now that my heart knows no bounds.  I have to put a little perspective on this.  This young couple tried for a couple of years to concieve but, that was not to be.  They had made a conscious decision to put parenthood on the back burner and focus on career.  And then, it happened, a baby became available for adoption ... and not just any baby, a micro preemie.  He fought long and hard and made it to 6 pounds in good form and they got the call.  Would they be interested?  Maybe.

When my daughter informed me it was with a 'Hey Mom, how would you like to move to Texas for a couple of months?'  Say what?  Sure ... jokingly.  Then she told me the deal.  They would need me if they were to consider doing this thing.  I told them that I would not weigh in about their decision but, if they decide to go forward with the adoption, I was all in.  And so a lot of deliberating and self education ensued with the result being that the minute they went to the hospital and held the little guy, they fell in love ... and, the rest is history.

So, I am officially a grandma.  My intuition kept telling me ... this is right ... there is a reason this is happening.  I just knew that this little spirit had been meant for my kids.  I feel it now ... I feel like I'm meant to know him and be a part of his life.  I feel like he is strong and every bit of a blessing.  I do not know precisely how things will play out but, I know that there is a purpose for this child to be placed in our family and we are going to embrace him and love him like the blessing that he is.  And, oddly enough, I feel like he was meant to be my grandson in particular.  Watch out little buddy, you are going to be forever mine.

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