Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well, I confessed on Friday that I don't really like garage sales ... attending or having.  I was reminded why when I had one this weekend.  Some people (note I did not say all) who attend garage sales are certifiable.  I will tell you why I've come to that conclusion.

Okay, I am not one of those garage sale givers who minds if dealers and re-salers show up and scoop things up.  I want to get rid of it and that is my only agenda.  I do mind the early warning systems that whisper in my ear ... 'You shouldn't sell those to her.  She's a dealer."  What?  Why do I care?  More power to the dealers.  I could never do their job.

Also, I usually have a 'free' pile at a sale because frankly, I feel bad asking money for some things.  People 'LOVE' free stuff.  It doesn't matter what it is.  I think if I put my leftover sandwich out there, they'd grab it.  But seriously, one lady today left me speechless.  She picked up a paint pad (remember those ... well, I don't like 'em so much).  Anyway, she didn't know what it was.  Now that wasn't the odd part.  I told her what it was and she said ... and I quote ..."I never paint so I've never seen one of these but I'm gonna take it because its free."  And, off she went without a single additional purchase.  What the ...?

Then, there was the lady with three screaming (and I mean screaming & fussing) little girls who was irritated at me because I didn't have any clothes that would fit them.  Lady, my daughter is 24 years old and married.  And, even if I did have some of her cute little things left around here (which I do), you are not going to get them with your nasty, rude, child 'yankin' around attitude.  Sheesh.  And furthermore, I did not advertise that I had children's clothing.

And then there are the just plain odd folks (sorry if this offends) but, really ... I mean I haven't seen people this weird since I watched 'Willow' years ago.  (If you've ever seen 'Willow' then you know what I mean ... If not, nevermind.)  One guy had one tooth left in his head (bless his heart) but, he proceeded to tell us a story about this 'really, really, ugly guy' he'd recently met.  I had no words.

Finally (and this is totally not related to the sale), last night after shutting down and sitting around in the shade trying to cool off after a long, hot day, some yahoos in a jacked up pickup pulled into our driveway.  At first we thought they wanted to know if the sale was still on.  Nope, nothing.  Then, we thought that they were just turning around.  I have a big drive and this is common ... no biggie.  But noooo, these morons leaned out and puked onto my driveway and then peeled out and left the mess.  Gag me ... how stupid.  I hope they were sick but, I fear they were drunk.  We didn't get a license plate number as it was dusk.  My poor husband got the job of hosing that away.  I couldn't take it.

So, once again ... never a dull moment around here ... and, it will be long, long time before I have another garage sale ... if ever.  Or at least until my memories fade and the junk accumulates again.


Tiffanie said...

Sweet baby Jesus! Cathy this is crazy! People are absolutly insane! Our neighbor (bless his heart) passed away in the spring and they ended up putting his house for sale and had a HUGE estate sale (thier house is 3 stories and very very big) We had people in our cul-de-sac comming out of the woodwork. I mean the craziest people I have ever seen! I'm with you on not going to or having a garage sale! People at the Coburg Antique fair have always been really nice to my grandparents though!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the laugh! Rich indeed, having someone puke in your driveway! I'm still chuckling.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

This was hilarious and this morning I was putting things into the garage box that happens in April.. I'll think of you and all your antics when I have mine. You are just the cutest!!! hugs ~lynne~

( I couldn't have hosed the 'unk off the drive either)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, I'm so glad you popped over. I picked up a yellow mum for the back door table. I always pop it in a big blue pot, happylooking when you walk up. :-)) I hope you're having a super day! hugs ~lynne~