Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Confessions

Well, here goes ... hooking up with Mamarazzi again for those Friday confessions.


I confess:

  •  I don't really like garage sales. 
  •  I don't like going to them because 95% of the 'stuff' is junk.
  • And, I certainly don't like having them.

But, I confess:

  • I am having a garage sale this weekend.
  • Yes, crazy person that I am, I've decided to remove some serious accumulations of 'stuff/junk'.
  • Its a LOT of work and the weather in our normally moderate Pacific NW has decided to go all summery on us and get into the 90's (maybe even 100 today).
  • So, I've spent a week being hot, tired and dirty as I schlepped out the attic, the basement and closets and drawers too numerous to mention.

And finally, I confess:

  • That I'm not looking forward to the 'early birds' (can't they read those ads?).
  • I don't like negotiating so I'm likely to give things away rather than argue.
  • And then there is the hauling away of the leftovers ... ugh.  
  • Did I mention that I really don't like garage sales?

Now, go on over to Mamarazzi's and link up your own confessions.  


VandyJ said...

I like going to garage sales, but most definitely do not like having them. I donate rather than sell. It's way less headaches.

sarajo said...

Hey, I'm in Oregon too! Just north of ya! I can't believe how hot it is this week.

Garage sales are the worst. I remember going out with my Grandma, I hated it. She would always find something she just had to have. I thought it was junk. lol! My Mom calls them garbage sales. :D

Good luck on your garage sales! Hope it's not too bad.

Stephanie said...

I feel for you. Awful having one...

Stacy Curran said...

I really don't like anything about them either, but wish you luck in yours!