Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is It Really Almost Christmas?

Wow, it is definitely true that the older we get the more quickly time seems to pass. I cannot believe that it is time to put up Christmas decorations ... again. Didn't I just take them down? And, as I watch my soon-to-be-married daughter and my son's fiancee get excited about decorating their own homes for the holidays and discuss cooking, I have to smile. I'm happy to pass the torch. I have spent a lot of years creating holiday magic for my family and, don't get me wrong, I loved it. I love to decorate and plan but, frankly, it seems to come at me so quickly anymore that I'm getting tired. I want to get that boost of energy to try new decor ideas, bake new goodies and wrap things in elegantly coordinated paper and ribbon ... I really do. But folks, I get tired just thinking about it some days. Of course, I will do it. It will be a little different this year and dramatically different next year when all of our kids are married. But, I will do my best to honor most of our family traditions until I hand them off. And, of course, change doesn't come without a little sadness. Still, I'm looking forward to all of the new that will come with adding two more wonderful people to our family ... and maybe .... eventually, some more 'little' people will come along to put the real magic back into Christmas. Now, those are going to be some exciting days. In the meantime .... does anyone know of a "I need to get into the Christmas spirit tonic" for sale?

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