Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay, so we aren't really downsizing .... yet. But, I am downsizing Christmas a bit this year. Instead of two large Christmas trees and a small tree in several other rooms, I am putting up one large tree and perhaps a couple of decorative tabletop trees. I divided the kids' ornaments into boxes to pass on to them ... now that they are going to be married and in their own households. And, I am actually taking some of the more tired Christmas decorations to Goodwill (my new best friends). It has actually been kind of fun because the letting go of the same old same has allowed me some newfound creative energy. I even got a real tree again this year ... for the first time in years. It smells sooooo good that it was worth the ridiculous price. Between the tree and the eggnog scented candle, it smells wonderful in here. As soon as I get done decorating, it will be time to finish shopping and wrapping. Then, there are the obligatory sugar cookies. I might be drummed out of the family if these favorites failed to appear. Still, I make one batch close to Christmas as opposed to double batches that disappeared before Christmas Eve and then had to be replaced. In letting go of the mega-super-sized Christmas production, it certainly becomes less stressful and may, in fact, be more enjoyable. I'll probably always want to make my home look beautiful at Christmastime but, its becoming increasingly clear that less can be more at the end of the day. Adapting to change and going with the flow is so much easier than paddling against the tide.

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