Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Fever

Okay, we here in western Oregon have had the tease ... a few consistently gorgeous, springlike days smack in the middle of winter. It was great, not only for our being able to get outdoors and do some early gardening but for just soaking up some Vitamin D and easing our winter doldrums. This is not an unusual phenomenon in this part of the country but, at the same time that we are enjoying the break in the weather, we are dreading the resumption of winter. The lawn was mown and the daffodils are blooming but will inevitably be rain and wind whipped as a matter of course. Its one of these wierd little ironies that we will get a beautiful spell in February and yet it will storm relentlessly for school spring breaks in March. We are lucky if we get a bit of sun on Easter weekend for the egg hunts. So, while I am the first to love and take advantage of sunny weather breaks, I am also totally depressed when they are over. Spring fever has hit and although I logically know that we won't have consistently sunny weather for quite some time, I still keep hoping for it. We live in a part of the country that is as gorgeous as it is because of our prolific rainfall. I know this and I appreciate rain as a native Oregonian should but still, I really, really liked that sunbreak. Come on spring!

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Blair said...

New favorite term "February Fakeout"