Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It is winter.  It is the 'holiday season' ... more specifically ... it is the week of Christmas.  Most of the blogs that I follow are all about Christmas decorations, family pictures and family feasts.  There are beautiful and joyful posts galore.  It is a veritable feast of eye candy and joy.  And then ... there is the slightest undercurrent of those brave enough to admit that this season is hard on many people.  We are in the midst of an economy that won't allow a lot of folks to have those glorious, picture-perfect holidays.  There are people who are experiencing loss ... loss of loved ones, loss of marriages, loss of jobs and homes.  It is hard ... it is bleak ... and it is reality.  So, here is my wish for Christmas ...

I hope that those of us more fortunate can realize our bounty and come from a place of gratitude.  I wish that we could learn to pull together in this country and the world before we tear it completely apart.  I would want people to practice kindness ... random or intentional.  I hope that those who are struggling find peace during this season and that the miseries people are experiencing will resolve.  Mostly, I hope for peace ... not just in the world but in our souls.  So, I will not stop at just saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays ... I would like to say "May you find peace in your heart this season."



Stephanie said...

Right on sister. Lovely photo!

Helene said...

I love that last sentiment..."may you find peace in your heart this season". Such a wonderful message for others to hear.

Your blog is always so uplifting. Thank you for always sharing what's on your heart with us.