Monday, November 7, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Well, its that time of year again .... gal friend getaway.  These are my besties from childhood.  That's me on the left, Denise in the middle' and Eleanor on the right.  I do not remember a time when these girls weren't in my life.  My parents and Eleanor's parents were friends and neighbors.  They used to stick us in the same crib to sleep while they visited and played cards.  My mom and Denise's mom were in a women's group together and so Denise shows up in pictures from the time we were about three years old.  We've been friends forever and, this weekend we are celebrating sixty (yes 6-0 ) years of friendship.

I know that most people have a lifelong friend or two but, it is rare people for three girls to all be best friends for life ... through the fickleness of junior high and high school, through the years where life took us down different paths and to different cities and states and then, back around to the age we are now.  We had a code that we came up with when we were young ... we never left anyone out deliberately, we never went after a boy one of the others liked (even if said boy didn't know said girl existed ... its the principal) and we never talked maliciously about one another to each other.  It works, trust me.

I feel truly blessed to have these women in my life.  You see, none of us ever had sisters.  Oh, we have a bunch of brothers but, nary a sister in sight.  So, we have become more like sisters than some real sisters. These women are the sisters of my heart and I would do anything for them and I feel that they would do the same for me.  It is a good feeling to have.  We all need those people in our lives.

So, off we go to our annual retreat ... we will probably stay up too late talking, not get nearly as much exercise as we intend to, drink too much wine and, eat too much food.  But, we will also laugh until we cry, dredge up every little stupid thing we ever did, and maybe consult an old yearbook when one of us doesn't remember someone another is talking about.  We have fun, we unwind, we leave life's current situations and problems behind and for a few days, we might as well be 16 again ... just trying to figure out how much we can get away with.  Its all good.


Stephanie said...

Have a blast! I know you will!!!

rebecca said...

oh how awesome!! have fun!