Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Learning ....

I can remember a time in my life when I did not know the meaning of the word 'patience' let alone have any. As these things go, life has a way of teaching us the the things we need. I had a couple of kids .... and, that will teach you patience. The kids grow up and the lessons are many and varied. After the kids are grown and gone, parents can decide to settle into some sort of routine ... or, perhaps they decide to bust out and live the life that has been on hold for awhile. That can be exciting and even scary. But, hold up. We are currently enmeshed in a time in our history where the economy dictates much of what can happen in any family. Sometimes kids come back home. Which brings me to my point .... a person can get older and perhaps even be smug enough to feel they have learned all they have to learn. Not so. Just when you think you've got things down, the universe is going to set you up for another lesson ... perhaps its more patience ... or adaptation to new situations ... but, whatever it is there has to be a reason we keep getting these memos. It must be because we still need a lesson or two. So, what is there to do but get on board with whatever new agenda comes up? I'm an individual who does not like uncertainty but, if I decide to refuse a new circumstance then an opportunity to learn is forfeited. And, a lesson hard learned is a lesson worth learning.

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