Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vacation in Paradise

Every Oregonian knows that spring can be a real tease. One day we are having absolutely balmy weather and the next day it is back to full on winter. This spring has been particulary dicey. People are getting antsy and on the stormiest of days, cabin fever sets in. It isn't often practical to pick up and go to a tropical island. So, I've found my little piece of paradise in the hothouses of local nurseries. In amongst the plants it is almost possible to forget how unpleasant it is outside. The earthy smell of growing things, the fragrance of many of the plants and the warm, humid air is pure sensory pleasure. Imagining late spring and summer gardens chases away the blues and gives a respite from reality. When I go to a nursery in the off season, there is no pressure to buy (which creates work). It is okay just to wander ... taking in the visual displays, reading the plant tags and daydreaming. I know that soon enough I am going to hit the nursery with a vengeance and start working in the garden in earnest. But right now, I just enjoy the brief escape from winter.

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Tiffanie Schendel said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Such a great idea...I wanna go too! haha Love ya and enjoy your tropical oasis!