Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Introducing ... Me

Blogging is new to me ... reading them and writing one ... especially writing one. I do like to write, however, and perhaps this will be the perfect tool to share my humble thoughts. I am a woman, 50 something, married and an empty nester. I've live a fairly blessed life ... good family, did not want for much and that state of existence continued with my own children. I have two, a girl and a boy, both very much wanted and loved and both blessings in my life. They are grown now, graduated from college and out living their lives. And with that, my job description changed. I was never one of those women who second-guessed my decision to stay home with my children. It was the thing I wanted to do and I loved almost all of it ... temper tantrums and projectile vomiting notwithstanding. So, having had the world by the tail, I thought that when the time came to let go that it would not be difficult ... that I could 'get on with my life.' I didn't know that I would question every single thing about my existence ... I didn't take into consideration that I might miss my children so much that I would not want to get out of bed let alone get on with life. And so, the name of my blog ... Putting One Foot in Front of the Other, because that is the only thing I felt like doing some days. I hope that this blog will serve to talk myself through the process of reclaiming my life and if anyone discovers that it helps them too or that they can relate ... all the better.

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