Thursday, October 29, 2009

Galfriends and Getaways

One of the best new trends seems to be women planning getaways with their women friends. I don't think this went on during my own mother's generation. Why, the thought of leaving the husband behind and spending the money to go off with friends probably would have put most women of Mom's generation into a tailspin. I don't know who the brave women were that pioneered this idea but I thank them mightily. My escapes with my best women friends are some of the times I cherish the most in my life. It doesn't matter what we do ... we aren't the Vegas kind of gals. We like nice accomodations and lots of time to talk, take walks, talk some more and pamper each other with good food and wine. We aren't on the prowl ... we are simply reconnecting with the people who know and have known us the best for most of our lives. My favorite getaways are with women I have known since I was a small child. We know each others' histories ... we have weathered the storms of life by standing side by side and propping up the person who needed it most at any given time. And, there have been storms ... broken hearts, split marriages, deaths of loved ones and just the growing pains that come with raising children. These women get it ... and they get me ... and I get them. We can go days, weeks and even months without talking but when we get together we are generally up-to-speed in short order. But, the weekends are not about the painful episodes in life ... the weekends are about celebrating the friendships we have. It is wonderful to break away from our daily routines and have all the time in the world just to interact. Its nice not to have to prepare a meal unless we are hungry ... to talk until the wee hours if we feel like it ... and to know that we can unburden our hearts to individuals that we can truly trust and who have proven over time that we can take in whatever is told to us and hold it in our hearts and wish the best for good friends just because we love each other. I think that my good friends would stand up for me if I commited murder ... heck, they might even help me hide the body. Of course, I am only joking about that but the sense I have from my friends is that they know me well enough to understand what motivates my actions and I feel the same about them. So, all that being said, I am very happy with the concept of galfriend getaways. I can't think of a better way to celebrate friendship and to reconnect with that part of myself that exists outside of marriage and motherhood. These are my people and I am grateful for them.

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Amanda said...

Mom, of course, after reading all of your entries I was blubbering. But more than that I was so very proud to have a mother like you. You have made me who I am, and I can only hope that I will grow up to be a wife, mother and friend just like you! I love you!